The Burundi’s fashion industry faces competition from second-hand clothing imported from abroad, according to the UCOCO-Brand CEO

The UCOCO-Brand CEO Mrs. Claudine Uwera

BUJUMBURA December 2nd (ABP) – The General Manager (DG) of “Uwera Claudine Company (UCOCO-Brand), Mrs. Claudine Uwera, takes issue with second-hand clothes imported from Europe and calls on Burundians to ‘take a much greater interest in local production.

She was speaking Monday, November 30, in Bujumbura, at the end of a lively conference to inform the Burundian opinion of her next participation in Swahili Fashion Week which will take place in Tanzania from December 4 to 6 and will consist of election of the best designer of the year in which Burundi will be represented by UCOCO Brand.

According to Mrs. Uwera, the Burundian fashion industry faces enormous difficulties related to the lack of customers as Burundians have not yet understood the merits of wearing locally made clothes. However, she indicates that the fashion sector contributes enormously to development because, in addition to the revenue that goes into the state treasury, there are also jobs that are created.

“Burundians should change their behavior and focus on local products,” she said, adding that there is still a long way to go.

In addition, Mrs. Uwera launches a strong appeal to the Burundian people to put an end to the behavior

to turn your back on locally produced clothing. She pleads for the government to get involved in this direction, while hoping that in a few years, all Burundians will wear clothes produced by themselves. She calls on Burundian investors to invest in the fashion industry.

Mrs. Uwera said the COVID-19 pandemic, which is currently hitting the world, has also affected her business, so much so that she has lost 40% of her customer base. The shortage of stocks of raw materials imported from abroad is in itself a major challenge, she said.

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