The Burundian youth should change mentalities, says the Ngozi University medical student

BUJUMBURA July 28th (ABP) – Mr. Ezéchiel Nsengiyumva, currently a student in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ngozi (northern Burundi), is the founder of an association called “Terimbere Nawe”, which aims for self-development vulnerable women and young people. It is operational in two provinces, namely Ngozi and Bujumbura-Mairie, whose beneficiaries are respectively 30 and 8 people. He claims to have met all his needs during his academic career, without resorting to any financial assistance from parents.

“Gone are the days when you thought you were going to work in a profession that fits well with your studies, if you take into account the constantly rising unemployment rate,” he said.

“To be able to face a whole bunch of needs that were essential during my studies, I used to decorate reception rooms and vehicles. Currently, I have set up a sewing workshop where we not only make clothes, but also baby covers and handbags, “Nsengiyumva told a check by the ABP.

“Currently, we are making quality handbags that we used to look for in Uganda,” he said.

As part of the fight against COVID-19, Mr. Nsengiyumva is having masks made for sale in various medical centers, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

He wants to use all his knowledge of apprenticeship trades to promote socio-economic development for vulnerable women and young people.

Mr. Nsengiyumva also thought of young people who abandoned their studies against their will, he said, adding that his association is doing everything possible for them to resume their studies, by guiding them in teaching trades.

“My dream is to ensure that the socio-economic development program is carried out everywhere on the national territory,” he said.

To realize his dream, Mr. Nsengiyumva has set up a training center called “Stand up academy center” in which different crafts, namely sewing, food processing, cooking, making flower bouquets, driving school and others will be taught. He has already set up an operational framework called “Social enterprise” in which will be practiced all the lessons benefited at the level of Stand up academy which will make it possible to generate income through the sale of finished products, he said.

Mr. Nsengiyumva, who indicates that everyone will be paid according to the work done, intends to popularize those social enterprises in other provinces. But the challenge he faces concerns financial means since, he said, “I have no financial support so far.” In all the expenses I make, I resort to my own means, he said. We plan, he continued, to create Stop AIDS, Stop Coronavirus and the one for the protection of the environment.

“You need principles to have better results in everything you do”, he said, adding that you have to work with dedication, avoid any contempt for any work and manage your time. He advises young people to think of being job providers rather than job seekers. “You have to have self-esteem, regardless of the unfavorable realities you face, and you also need to be around people who have already succeeded to be inspired by it,” advises Mr. Nsengiyumva.

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