The Burundi government is delighted with “determination” of the Chinese leaders

Chinese Ambassador to Burundi, Mr. Li Changlin Chinese

BUJUMBURA October 2nd (ABP) – The Burundi government is delighted with “the determination, bravery and clairvoyance” of the Chinese leaders, declared Wednesday (September 30), in Bujumbura, Mr. Bernard Ntahiraja, assistant to the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and of development cooperation.

Mr. Ntahiraja, who had represented the Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs at the ceremony celebrating the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), immediately addressed “warm and warm” congratulations to the government and to the Chinese people for this “important and significant” national holiday.

Mr. Ntahiraja was speaking during an ad hoc “simplified version” reception due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which was offered by the Chinese Embassy in Burundi in the grounds of a hotel located in the residential district of Kiriri, in the urban zone of ​​Rohero.

That celebration was coupled with the organization of a photography competition under the central theme “Despite the great distance, the hearts of Chinese and Burundians are coming together”. According to him, those “great” qualities of the Chinese leaders who have succeeded at the head of the country since the founding of the PRC in 1949 have enabled the latter to adopt a socio-economic policy that has produced tangible results.

Those results, he said, which have raised China to the rank of second economic power in the world, are materialized in particular by a “substantial” improvement in the socio-economic living conditions of the Chinese people.

The Burundi government, he continued, welcomes the current state of the “excellent” relations of friendship and bilateral cooperation between Burundi and China, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

He was also delighted with the “mutual support” between China and Burundi at the level of international organizations to “defend the vital interests” of the two countries.

The Burundi government, he added, also welcomes the fact that China has been one of the few countries “to stand by Burundi’s side during the difficult times that Burundi has gone through since independence to date. “. Thus, he explained, China has implemented development projects in Burundi by responding “spontaneously” to the requests of the affected populations.

Mr. Ntahiraja took the opportunity to point out that the Chinese government, through its ambassador to Burundi, Li Changlin, has witnessed the “good” conduct of the recent elections organized in Burundi from May 20, 2020 until August 24, 2020 at all levels. (presidential, parliamentary, communal and village). Those elections, he recalled, were “free, fair, democratic, transparent, inclusive and peaceful”.

The Burundian side, he continued, reassures the Chinese side that the new Burundian legislature will further consolidate the gains already made in terms of Sino-Burundian cooperation and friendship.

The assistant to the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation also congratulated the Chinese government for the “relentless fight” against the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease and for the results already achieved in that sector. The Burundi government, he explained, “highly welcomes” the initiative of the Chinese government in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa, through the organization of video conference sessions for experts Sino-African on the fight against that disease.

Those sessions bring together representatives of African ministries of public health and Chinese experts on contagious diseases, he said. The Burundi government, he suggested, takes that opportunity to “express its gratitude” to the Chinese government for its support of inputs and diagnostic and personal protection kits in the context of prevention and fight against COVID-19 disease in Burundi.

Previously, the Chinese Ambassador to Burundi, Mr. Li Changlin, stressed that at present, the Chinese government is content to prevent the rebound of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country and cases of foreign imports. Meanwhile, he revealed that the Chinese government is hard at work to revive economic activity and reopen the school.

Referring to the vision and goals of Chinese diplomacy, Ambassador Changlin stressed that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking is focused on establishing a “new kind” of international relations and building “community of destiny “for humanity.

China and Burundi, he said, are “jealously attached” to their national sovereignty, oppose foreign interference and advocate for “mutually” beneficial and respectful international cooperation.

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