The BPEFT positively appreciates the measure taken by the Rumonge communal council to support the education sector

RUMONGE April 15th (ABP) – The measure to support the education sector taken by the Rumonge communal council has been received by the Bureau of Education and Technical Training (BPEFT) in Rumonge province (south -western Burundi).

According to Mr. Kriasis Niyukuri, responsible for education in that province, that measure is saving because, he said, the education sector is experiencing a lot of challenges, such as the lack of means of transportation for the communal directors of education so that they can go to the field.

Mr. Niyukuri asks the other communes to follow suit in Rumonge commune, especially by voting on the budget to support education. That responsible person did not forget to make an appeal to parents to properly supervise their children, especially girls because, he said, unwanted pregnancies in schools are very common in that province. According to him, the phenomenon of unwanted pregnancies also constitutes a major challenge for education in Rumonge province.

Compared with last year, the situation of unwanted pregnancies in schools has not improved, he said, adding that 28 cases had already been registered during the first trimester of the current school year.

He said that those figures are similar to those of the first quarter of last year.

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