The birth of triplets at Muramvya hospital

MURAMVYA May 19th (ABP) – Mrs. Anita Niyomwungere, originally from the Kabonobono sub-village, commune and province Muramvya (central-west) gave birth on Friday May 15, triplets in the delivery room of Muramvya hospital. The health of these three newborns, as well as that of their mother is doing well, according to the mother, contacted by the ABP in the maternity department.

The Abbot Salvator Manirambona, a 36-year-old farmer, said that he salutes the will of God who gave him triplets and that it was God himself who helped his wife to give birth, without resort to cesarean section. However, he said it will not be easy for him to take care of his three babies and their mother, because his family is not enough in terms of nutrition.

On behalf of his family of 7 children for the moment, Mr. Manirambona asks charitable souls, in particular the first lady of the country, the ministry having solidarity in his attributions as well as other benefactors to lend him a hand, by bringing food and non-food to support the family.

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