The administration is called on to target new arrivals in order to put them under Coronavirus surveillance

KARUSI / CIBITOKE / BUBANZA / KAYANZA April 5th (ABP) – Governor of Karusi province (center-east), Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana recommended to communal administrators during a meeting held for them Wednesday April 1, 2020 , to target people who come from outside the country or from other provinces and put them under Coronavirus surveillance.

The province of Karusi counts many workers who go to Tanzania and several provinces of Burundi, recognize the administrators.

The fear which shakes the world following the pandemic of the Coronavirus reaches those maneuvers which can think of returning to the native province in this hot period, they underline. It is therefore imperative to master the return movement of anyone who returns.

It is true that the borders with Tanzania are watched but unknown paths exist.

Zone de Texte: Meeting in Karusi to prevent Coronavirus

The administration must also monitor the existence of hand washing kits and their uses, recommended Governor Mbarushimana. Thus, meetings to popularize the message must begin on Thursday, April 2, 2020, she asked, specifying that the leaders of religious denominations and community leaders are key partners in that fight.

In Cibitoke province (north-west), a muscular awareness campaign has been organized since on Thursday, April 2, by the provincial authority in all six communes, to prevent COVID-19 and calm the people.

The heads of provincial departments are going to make trip in the communes to tell the people to avoid panic and to observe the hygiene rules, which are their weapon in the fight against COVID-19. In each team of department heads will be included a doctor.

Those decisions were taken on Wednesday, April 1, during a meeting of the governor with the members of the provincial joint security committee held in the headquarters of the province.

To save the people from the contagion of the coronavirus, the participants in the meeting agreed to urge the inhabitants close to the borders with the bordering countries to denounce all the people who can come from outside the country or from another province which can convey this disease.

For the defense and security agents who guard the borders, the participants asked them not to let in or out anyone on either side of the borders.

According to the governor of the Cibitoke province, Mr. Joseph Iteriteka, as the students return to Easter holidays at the end of the current week, each commune must provisionally provide classrooms which will serve as quarantine sites if necessary.

According to the director of Cibitoke hospital, Dr. Jean Claude Mugisha, hygiene measures must be strictly observed. Parties that increase opportunities for contact and the spread of the virus should be suspended. He invited the heads of departments to set a good example by washing their hands as many times as possible.

Zone de Texte: View of meeting participants

The people will be regularly informed of the development of the situation so as not to give in to rumors and the citizens must also continue to pray to the Lord, for divine protection and their preservation of COVID-19.

In Bubanza province (north-west), the governor Nobus Thérence Butoyi asks the municipal administrators and different heads of services to increase awareness sessions on the prevention of Coronavirus because, according to him, the observation is that there are people who have not yet understood the importance of respecting the measures that have been taken, and the harmful consequences of this pandemic, this was revealed  during a meeting it held on Thursday April 2 in Gihanga commune, for the heads of provincial departments.

According to the head of education in Bubanza province, as of March 27, 2020, out of 39 primary schools, first cycle, only 31 had already installed handwashing devices. Out of 215 basic schools, 160 already had those devices; out of 57 secondary schools, 49 already had those devices and for vocational schools, only half had already installed them.

The administrator of the Gihanga commune indicated that inhabitants of the Kagwema village are accomplices of the shuttles between Burundi and DRC, in particular by facilitating the clandestine crossing of Rusizi, which according to him, can facilitate the propagation of Coronavirus .

Governor Butoyi recommends that each resident of that province take ownership of the measures that have been taken to prevent this pandemic.

 He also recommends rigorous monitoring of the shuttles between the DRC and Burundi, and between Rwanda and Burundi.

As for people who show symptoms of Coronavirus, he recommends that they should be quickly evacuated to nearby health facilities while awaiting referral to treatment sites. He urges communal officials to increase awareness sessions on the importance of respecting the measures taken.

In Kayanza province (north), the inhabitants of Matongo commune and those responsible for various sectors of life in that commune have implemented the measures taken by the Burundi government in the context of the prevention of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The administrator of that commune, Mr. Alexis Hacimana, warns the recalcitrant and promises that if they do not pull themselves together, their places of service will be closed, this was revealed by ABP during an interview granted to them.

According to Mr. Hacimana, awareness-raising meetings have been organized within his commune, particularly at schools, health centers, shops, restaurants, bistros and other places where many people meet. Communiqués were launched in various churches.

“The observation is that the people are already aware of what to do in order to prevent themselves against COVID-19,” said administrator Hacimana, adding that for those who are still dragging their feet, their workplaces will be closed if they don’t pull themselves together.

In the same framework of the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic, in the Kayanza province, a team of 27 people made up of both administrative and health officials was set up and has been operational since last Wednesday.

Its mission is to go to all the places where a lot of people meet and raise awareness on hygiene promotion especially by washing your hands with clean water and soap.

That team invites people to avoid greeting each other by shaking hands and cutting short the habit of coughing and sneezing with your mouth open when you are in public. That awareness campaign was carried out in the communes of Kayanza, Kabarore and Muruta with funding from the Group of Community Volunteers (GVC). It will continue in the other communes of the Kayanza province.

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