Some 58 families have been displaced by heavy rain in Rugombo commune

CIBITOKE May 12th (ABP) – About 58 families from Cibitoke village in Rugombo commune, Cibitoke province (north-western Burundi) have been living in the teachers’ room at the Rugombo communal technical school for two days following the inundations due to a heavy rain that fell in that locality during the night of May 5 to 6, destroying their homes and their property.

For the moment, those families sleep in a single room, women and their children, while the men sleep on the sidewalk.

Those displaced persons, claim that their goods have remained under the walls of their houses, request assistance with blankets and food. Pupils worry about the loss of their notebooks and other school materials, not to mention adults who report that among the documents that disappeared under the walls of their houses are the voter cards.

According to the Cibitoke village leader, Mr. Onésphore Nduwimana, those survivors need food and other assistance before their homes are rebuilt. He said that the number of houses destroyed by the bad weather reached 96 houses, not to mention latrines and other infrastructures.

He is delighted with the behavior of solidarity which continues to mark the inhabitants of Cibitoke by hosting part of the victims.

He pleads for the masonry pipe to get rainwater out of the people’s residence. He regrets the death of a three-year-old child and five injured people.

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