Socio-educational support for vulnerable children using virtual libraries

BUJUMBURA June 23rd (ABP) – The local NGO Giriyuja contributes to the socio-educational supervision of vulnerable children and especially street children using the virtual libraries installed in three places in the city of Bujumbura, for instances Kabondo in urban commune of Mukaza, Kanyosha in urban commune of Muha and Buterere in urban commune of Ntahangwa, according to the national coordinator of that NGO Mr. Aimable Barandagiye.

Those virtual libraries are made up of computers, iPads with educational content made up of embedded books and other objects that can be manipulated by children during a coaching session. More concretely, specified Mr. Barandagiye, those libraries are used to strengthen the knowledge of children in street situations, in order to facilitate their reintegration into school. They also help vulnerable children to better prepare for their future training in the various practical trades organized by that NGO. Those include sewing, mechanics and soap making.

The NGO Giriyuja national coordinator regrets that the NGO is no longer able to respond favorably to all the requests for assistance from children from various communities, due to very limited financial means. To deal with it, he said, the NGO is looking for funding in order to multiply these educational support tools for children and, as far as possible, install them even in the rest of the town hall areas from Bujumbura.

The installation of a single virtual library costs about 100,000 euros, or 200 million BIF. The NGO Giriyuja therefore requests the local authorities to ensure the safety of those tools, which are so useful for the communities.

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