Pupils in holidays must do field works and avoid the Covid-19 pandemic

KAYANZA July 7th (ABP) – The director of the school province of Kayanza (north), Mr. Désiré Hatungimana asks the pupils who went in summer holidays on Friday, July 3, 2020 to respect and obey their parents, avoid unnecessary travel and respect the measures taken by the ministry having public health in his attributions to prevent itself against the pandemic of coronavirus. They are also advised to avoid engaging in idleness, intoxication and the use of drugs.

According to Mr. Hatungimana, that summer’s holiday will last nearly two months, since according to forecasts, the start of the school year for the 2020-2021 school year is set for September 7, 2020. Those major holidays suppose, for him, approach the parents and evaluate the results with these parents to prepare for the next school year and agree on the attitude to adopt when the student returns to school. In addition, he stresses that vacations are a good opportunity to vary activities.

Concerning the advice to be given to students who return to the fold, the school authority in Kayanza urges students to listen to, respect and obey the advice of parents because that advice is very essential for the development not only of the pupil but also from the country. Those pupils are also required to help their parents in the field works.

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic is raging around the world, Mr. Hatungimana is asking students in Kayanza province to ensure compliance with various measures taken by the Ministry of Public Health and the fight against AIDS. Thus, he reminds that students must wash their hands with soap, avoid greeting each other by shaking hands or kissing. Besides that, he invites them to avoid unnecessary trips, especially when they are on vacation, they are used to visiting relatives, friends and acquaintances. In addition to those tips, he offers pupils to take advantage of these holidays by making useful use of them and to cultivate themselves by reading the books that are available in the various reading and cultural animation centers located in the school districts of the Kayanza province.

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