National launch of the civil society support program

BUJUMBURA September 29th (ABP) –The director general of the coordination of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the promotion of public freedoms, Mr. Salvator Nizigiyimana, launched on Monday September 28, 2020 the support program for Burundi civil society. The activity was organized by the NGOs Oxfam and Cordaid and funded by the European Union.

The objective of the program is to increase the resilience of Burundi civil society organizations and to give them the tools and capacities to be able to actively participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of local development.

According to Mr. Nizigiyimana, that program aims to create the conditions for a dialogue built around relationships of mutual trust between civil society organizations and local authorities. It will cover six provinces, including Bujumbura, Cibitoke, Rutana and Ruyigi under the lead of Oxfam, and Kayanza and Muyinga under the supervision of Cordaid.

Regarding the activities planned in that program, Mr. Nizigiyimana cited the capacity building of civil society organizations and their structuring in order to consolidate the achievements of interventions made in the past and strengthen the achievements of current actions. He also mentioned the support to civil society organizations in participating in the local development process, through support in the preparation process and / or updating of communal community development plans (PCDC). In addition, another activity that will be carried out in the support program for Burundi civil society is the financing of micro-projects allowing the putting into practice of skills-related achievements and the establishment of civil society activities in connection with PCDCs to build their capacity on the job, he said, adding that it is planned to build the capacity of civil society organizations and local authorities to participate actively and productively in governance and local development in the target communes.

It was specified that this program, implemented by foreign and Burundian NGOs, will last 36 months and is funded by the European Union to the amount of € 7,321,321.

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