Media officials, journalists have discussed coverage of 2020 elections

MURAMVYA March 17th (ABP) – The Ministry of Communication and Media has organized since Monday March 16, in the precincts of the Bazelodge hotel in Muramvya (central-western Burundi), a two-day retreat to the place media executives and journalists on coverage of 2020 elections,  a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Zone de Texte: The Ministry of Communication and Media, Mr. Frédéric Nahimana

The theme of the retreat is “Responsibility and media coverage of the 2020 elections,” said Minister in charge of the Media, Frédéric Nahimana, when the works began.

Zone de Texte: View of participants

 He said the retreat was organized to assess the previous elections, since those of 2005, in media coverage; assess strengths and weaknesses in order to use them for the upcoming elections. He also noted that it is to identify the role of each for the contribution to the good elections of 2020. Third, Minister Nahimana clarified that the retirement comes to make a self-assessment and an introspection of the journalists who participated in previous elections in order to identify strategies to improve the situation for the upcoming elections.

Asked what journalists need to improve the upcoming elections, the Minister of Communication and Media indicated that, in general, respect for ethics and ethics is first professional, press law and other related laws relating to elections, for instance, the political parties’ roadmap and the electoral code.

Specifically, Minister Nahimana stressed that his wish is that journalists can use their patriotism to serve the country, to serve themselves and gain respect in their work.

To Burundi politicians, he demands to be aware that they are the source of information for journalists. They should know that if a source is led by bad information, there is a risk that the whole country will know bad information, noted Minister Nahimana. He urges politicians to communicate their messages well, to act in a democratic competition with respect for others, without however disseminating defamatory messages. Political parties have also been called upon to educate their activists so that they strictly obey the principles of democracy.

Note that the Minister of Communication and Media, during a press conference, positively appreciated the level of collaboration between journalists and administrative officials. However, he said, there is still room for improvement in order to create a favorable climate for the 2020 general elections.

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