Justice well done honors man of the law, says the new justice Minister

BUJUMBURA July 4th (ABP) – The new Minister of Justice, Mrs. Jeanine Nibizi reassured on Thursday, July 2, 2020, during the handover ceremonies between her and her predecessor, Mrs. Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, that she will give herself body and soul for speed and honesty in the trial judgement.

“Collaboration, dialogue and concertation will be my guides in order to be able to work to everyone’s satisfaction”, she promised, declaring that she will closely follow the descent of acknowledgment of disputes and execution judgments rendered.

The capacity building to improve the quality of work is also one of the priorities of the new Minister of Justice.

“What slows the judgment of trials is known,” said Mrs. Nibizi, while urging senior officials and executives in that sector to ensure that justice is done by applying only the law. Everyone must do it to bring “justice to justice,” she said, deploring the fact that a trial can last a very long time when all the elements necessary to close the case are gathered.

Worse yet, she says, there are times when judgments are made underground and are not made public without legal reason. In that sense, she reassured that she will do her best for a clear improvement.

Concerning the prisoners’ files, her determination is to maximize the judgments in order to proceed with the possible enlargements to relieve the detention centers. That, she said, calms the minds of prisoners and their families and lowers the funds the state uses, said Minister Nibizi. The rehabilitation of some dilapidated courts and jails and the construction of new ones where possible is a program to be followed, according to the new patroness of justice.

She also welcomed the recent creation of the Courts of Appeal and their prosecution in Makamba province and in Bujumbura City Council because, that shortens the distances traveled by the litigants since most abandon their trials for lack of means of displacement and accommodation. Supervising inmates in self-development work to prepare for their family integration once released, innovations in the delivery and archiving of land titles are other activities that the new minister is called upon to follow.

Note that Mrs. Nibizi was the Attorney General at the Gitega Court of Appeal before being appointed Minister of Justice. Her predecessor has just been appointed deputy chief of civilian office to the presidency of the Republic of Burundi.

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