Distribution of the seats of communal councilors in Muyinga, Kayanza, Muramvya and Karusi provinces

MUYINGA / KAYANZA / MURAMVYA / KARUSI May 28th (ABP) – The provisional results of the communal elections of May 20, 2020 were announced on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 by the Independent Provincial Election Commissions (CEPI), in Muyinga, Kayanza, Muramvya, and Karusi, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

In Muyinga (north), out of a total of 330,463 votes, the CNDD / FDD party came first with 271,491 votes, or 82.11% which earned it 209 seats, followed by the CNL with 49,967 votes, ie 15.12% and 44 seats. In third position is the UPRONA party which only had 5,063 votes or 1.51% with only five seats in the commune of Muyinga alone.

The ruling party is single-colored in Mwakiro commune, following the withdrawal of the candidates aligned by the CNL in that communal entity revealed Mrs. Goreth Kamariza, the CEPI Chairwoman. Some candidates were not native to the villages for which they wanted to represent themselves while others had asked CEPI to be removed from the lists of candidates, we learned on the spot.

According to CEPI, 363,694 candidate voters had taken the registration on the roll and 340,400 had participated in the ballot, of which 330,463 had expressed themselves for the seven political parties in the running, 3,848 void votes and 6,089 abstentions.

In Kayanza (north), the CEPI proceeded, in the afternoon of Tuesday, to the provisional proclamation of the results of the elections of the communal councils. 301 communal councilors will soon sit in the nine communes of the Kayanza province. Among them are 227 communal councilors from the CNDD-FDD party, 58 from the CNL, 11 from UPRONA and 5 from Sahwanya-Frodebu.

In Muramvya (center-west), the CNDD-FDD party won 77 seats, the CNL 14 seats, the UPRONA 6 and the Kira-Burundi coalition, 2 seats out of the 99 seats available in that province.

In Karusi (center-east), the CEPI Chairman, Mr. Romuald Nzisabira, indicates that the province has 160 members in 145 villages and that 160, 142 are from CNDD-FDD, 15 from CNL and 3 from UPRONA.

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