China will continue to support WHO in the fight against Covid-19

BUJUMBURA April 19th (ABP) – Chinese Ambassador to Burundi Li Changlin reports that WHO has played a central role in joint efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and that its role is irreplaceable, his country will continue to support that organization.

In an interview given to a check by ABP on Thursday April 16, 2020, he indicated that all countries are “in a crucial period, and that it is time to properly fulfill national and international obligations”, explaining that as the Corona virus is not bounded by any border, it is as if all the countries are in the same boat.

Speaking about reports of discriminatory practices against Africans accused of spreading covid-19 in China, Li Changlin said his country treats all foreigners equally and opposes any discriminatory practice targeting a specific group, According to the Ambassador Changlin, all that information has its origins in the implementation of a quarantine measure.

Videos posted on social media don’t quite match reality, he says “What is certain is that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the demands of these concerned Africans”, he reassured, adding that China applies zero tolerance to discriminatory words and acts and that currently a solution to the question of Africans who felt mistreated was found satisfactory.

Concerning the return to China of Burundian students who are studying there but who are currently stranded following the Corona virus pandemic, the Chinese ambassador to Burundi said that the situation is reassuring in China but that everything will depend on the control of the pandemic in Europe because they do not evolve in a vacuum.

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