Burundi has deplored the decision of the United States of not granting visas to Burundian nationals

BUJUMBURA June 23rd (ABP) – Burundi deplores the decision by the United States of America of not granting ordinary visas to Burundian natives who wish to go there, accusing it of having refused to accept irregulars Burundians turned back by the United States, according to a press briefing hosted by the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ezéchiel Nibigira, who denied that the Burundian government has not refused to welcome those irregulars.

Rather, he said that Burundi is ready to welcome Burundian irregulars expelled from the United States, even that afternoon, and that he even supports that policy of deportation of irregulars implemented by the United States for some time. Burundi has refused to receive people who are not of Burundian nationality, who fraudulently obtained Burundian passports and who were on the list of deportees, he said.

Minister Nibigira said that to facilitate the United States to implement that policy, Burundi has done everything to work in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America in Burundi. The Embassy of Burundi in the United States has also worked with the American side to facilitate them in that task. According to Minister Nibigira, the problem arose when Burundi identified, on the list of expellees, people who were not Burundians. The Burundian intelligence and security services have done their work and have found that some of the returned persons, who were on the list that the American side had presented to the Burundian side, were not Burundians.

“We cannot make the mistake of receiving people deported from another country who are not of Burundian nationality. The part of the United States of America must be able to understand that, “said Ambassador Nibigira.  “We had a dialogue with the part of the states of America, but unfortunately, this country hastened to take such a decision,” he lamented. Ambassador Nibigira reiterated Burundi’s commitment to continue working with the United States of America to find a happy solution to that problem.

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