A planning and capacity building workshop has been organized for journalists for media coverage in synergy of the 2020 elections

BUJUMBURA May 19th (ABP) – The journalists covering the 2020 elections are challenged to demonstrate professionalism, respect for the code of conduct and ethics and fairness, Bujumbura reported on Monday Frédéric Nahimana, Minister of Communication and Media, during a planning and capacity building workshop for journalists, for media coverage in synergy of the 2020 elections.

Mr. Nahimana advises those journalists to be witnesses, eyes and ears of the people, in short, guardians of the integrity of these elections. The Minister of Communication and Media insisted that they be the guarantors of the truth, by publishing verified and authentic information by questioning various sources of information. Also, he recommended, journalists should not confuse their work with that of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), rather, they should remain united within their synergy.

The Minister Nahimana also said that the preparation team for the deployment of journalists was able to overcome the challenges that were noted during the synergistic media coverage at the start of the campaign.

On the same occasion, a guide for electoral coverage of the elections was presented, as well as a plan for the redeployment of journalists who will cover the elections on May 20. In that way, Mr. Jacques Bukuru, chief editor of this synergy, pointed out that citizens count a lot on the Burundian media for the good conduct of the elections of May 20, 2020. For that, he called on the media working in synergy with ensuring the integrity of the vote, a pledge for the security of the country.

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