A native of Makamba has given the notebooks to pupils in Muresi, his native village

MAKAMBA August 28th (ABP) – The communal police commissioner, at the same time a native of Muresi village in Makamba commune and province (southern Burundi), Mr. Léonidas Ninganza, gave notebooks to 1,000 pupils from his native village, at the rate of 10 notebooks per child, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

Mr. Ninganza said that to get those notebooks, he approached his friends. The idea was to support the children who are still on the school bench in order to decrease the dropouts caused by the lack of school materials, he indicated, adding that he was able to have friends who support him in various social assistance activities that he undertakes. He also recalled that education is the key to development in life.

He advised other natives of different villages to consider helping their villages, indicating that a friend of his, agreed to donate two computers to the communal high school of Muresi.

The administrative and social technical adviser to the administrator of Makamba, Mr. Bernard Nsabiyumva, who welcomed that assistance in notebooks, indicated that there are on that village poor people who do not have the means to have the school materials.

He also appealed to other natives of different villages to follow suit in order to prevent their children from dropping out of studies or not being enrolled in schools for lack of school materials.

One of the parents of the pupils who have benefited from that assistance asks other natives to have a charitable soul and to imitate that communal commissioner who has invested in contributing to the education of the children of his native village.

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